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Imagine, a spray tan that can result in inch loss!  

A spray tan that contours your body giving a slimming and enhancing effect to your shape but then continues to work for 72 hours to lose actual fat & inches! Sounds perfect, well it's here! This specially formulated tan shapes and sculpts the body immediately using Advanced Spray Tanning Body Contouring techniques, fusing the technology of Shrinking Violet and the amazing Beach Bum Tan.  You are left with a visually more contoured and defined body shape.  Trials have shown average losses of between 5 -10 inches over the subsequent 72 hours.


This treatment is perfect for any event where you need to look your best.  The advantage over the Shrinking Violet Body Wrap is you don't need to be wrapped.  So it is a quicker treatment with the added bonus of giving you a beautiful tan.


*A patch test is required 48 hours prior to treatment.