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A massage you can ctreate yourself depending on your needs. Choose from these below areas to create your own wellness massage;

back massage, foot and leg massage, scalp massage,hand and  arm massage, facial massage or decollette massage


SWEDISH MASSAGE: Full Body 60 mins:  £45 | Full Body 90 mins:  £60  | Back, Neck & Shoulders: £30

Using a variety of stroking, kneading, pressure and flowing movements over the body to treat and prevent a variety of complaints, or simply to relieve tension.


AROMATHERAPY MASSAGE: Full Body 60 mins:  £48 | Full Body 90 mins:  £63  | Back, Neck & Shoulders: £32

A gentle massage using aromatherapy oils to enhance the mood and relax your body.  


HOT STONE MASSAGE: Full Body 60 mins:  £55 | Full Body 90 mins:  £75  | Back, Neck & Shoulders: £38

Take yourself away from the stress of your day with relaxing, warm basalt river stones. Carefully placed in sensitive pressure points in your body and combined with fluid massage strokes, this unique experience brings tremendous tranquility.



An extremely effective form of massage that can release tension in the neck, head and shoulders. Promotes healthy hair and is excellent for fatigue, migraines, headaches, insomnia, sinus problems, and for helping the face to look fresh and healthy.








TRIBE517 MAMA LOVE MASSAGE 55 minutes | £49

Tender loving care for the second and third trimesters of pregnancy and beyond. A cocooning, soothing massage encouraging sleep and relaxation, with warm blankets, pillows and a natural whipped blend of butters.


HOT ROCKING RELAX 517 MASSAGE  25minutes £38  | 55minutes £49

Recalibration for rocking relaxed muscles and mind. Your choice of Heal & Health oil or Hypnotic Sleep Balm combined with hot and healing Himalayan Salt Pebbles for a full body massage of intense pleasure for tired bodies, aching muscles and fraught minds.


CALIBRATE 517 MASSAGE 55minutes | £49

Surrender to the sensation of having your body gently realigned and perfectly put back together again with a body massage like no other.  With warm Heal & Health oil of sweet orange and fennel.


BEAUTIFUL HERO 55minutes | £49

For the warrior in you, a touch of warmth to comfort your soul, treat your skin and lift your spirits. For those with sensitivity, fragile condition, and living with or recuperating from a disease. Cancer and sickness. Using a whipped delight of fragrance free natural butters.


BA COMPLEX 517 (Face, Back and Scalp Treatment)  55minutes | £52

Enjoy all the benefits of the ACTIF8 facial and scalp massage combined with our celebrated back massage. Warm Heal & Health oil bring dazzling fragrances and supreme application to make this a pleasure unsurpassed.